Intellectual Property Agreement Form

I agree to support the company or its agent, at the company`s expense, in all appropriate ways, in order to guarantee the company`s rights over inventions and all copyrights, patents, intellectual property rights or other intellectual property rights in all countries, including the disclosure of all relevant information and data regarding the execution of all applications. , specifications, oaths, assignments and all other instruments that the company deems necessary to apply for and obtain these rights and to transfer and transmit to the company, its successors, successors, assignments and appointments the exclusive rights, titles and interests of these inventions, as well as all copyrights, patents, hidden work rights or other intellectual property rights in this area. I also agree that my obligation to enforce or execute such instruments or documents, if it is within my authority, to continue the transfer of intellectual property after the end of this agreement. If, because of my mental or physical disability or for some other reason, the company is unable to back up my signature to apply for or pursue a U.S. patent application or foreign patent or copyright registrations for original inventions or paternity works attributed to the company as above, then I effectively name and appoint the company and its authorized representatives and agents as my agent and lawyer. to act for and on my behalf, to execute and file such applications and to make all other legitimately authorized acts to support the prosecution and issuance of patent or copyright registration letters with the same legal force and effect that I have carried out. An NDA with a confidentiality clause gives you the protection to share your concepts and ideas and to keep the trust that an explicit limit is available to you for anyone who can verify your IP analysis. In many cases, the NDA may contain a confidentiality clause. This is a clause in the agreement that may require the recipient to preserve the secrecy of the information and to use it only for specific purposes. For investors and potential counterparties, the specific objective is usually to “assess” the idea or invention. It usually prevents them from taking the idea and integrating it into their business or product line. If, at any time, the enforcement of any of the provisions mentioned in this provision is not required, a party`s right to demand compliance or any other provision is not nullified or compromised.

The waiver of a delay does not deprive itself of another delay. A party is not considered a waiver of rights under that part, unless the waiver is signed in writing and signed by a duly accredited official of the party issuing such a waiver. 3. If the work is the work of which the provisions of 17 U.S.C. . . 106A application are, recipient hereshes out and designates moral rights or equivalent rights over the recipient with respect to the form or extent of a modification of the work (including, but not limited, to the removal or destruction) or to the production of derivative works based on the work. , including, but not limited to photographs, drawings or other visual reproductions, or at work, in any environment, for the purposes of the owner.

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