Girton Grammar School Bendigo Enterprise Agreement

Girton Grammar School is an independent state school in Bendigo, Victoria. Uniform crates arrived in the Philippines just a few days ago, much to the delight of students who will soon be taking them to school. Girton Grammar School has a Junior School (Prep to Grade 6) campus at 105 MacKenzie Street in Bendigo and a high school campus (7-12) on 38 Wattle Street, Bendigo. Originally from the Philippines, he was very pleased with the delivery of 14 “massive” boxes, which also contained sports uniforms, schoolbags, shoes and runners and other items. As a long-time supporter of the small, isolated Filipino school, Father Junray described it as humbly devoid of running water and many students from local peasant families. The project began three years ago, when the school decided to introduce a new uniform and abandon the old one. After vaccinating some of her children`s machines at school and teaching them how to sew, the qualified accountant worked at SisterWorks earlier this year. The money raised from the sale of the uniforms paid for SisterWorks` services to spend two days a week for two terms at school and sew new labels on the old ones. Girton Grammar School was founded in late 1992 after the closure of Girton College, a school owned and run by the Anglican Diocese of Bendigo and which was no longer able to fund it. After the college closed, some people associated with it founded Girton Grammar School as a self-governing private school. The school was opened in early 1993 under the direction of Principal Clayton Jones. [1] There are six houses at the school.

These are named after important figures in the history of Girton Grammar School and the former Girton College. Links to individual business agreements on the Fair Work Australia website The school averaged ATAR of 81 in 2015, with 32% of students in the highest 10% of the state and 19% in the highest 5%. [5] The project was coordinated by Kate Mahoney, parents of Girton Grammar School, who partnered with the Bendigo Chapter of SisterWorks, a Melbourne-based non-profit social enterprise, to transform uniforms. “I was very, very happy. They don`t have uniforms in this school, so these students can finally recognize themselves as part of that school,” said Father Junray. To access these or other modern awards, go and use the “Modern Awards Decisions” category in your search. The keyword search is in the left sidebar. This construction management project, negotiated by the client, developed from the initial framework to make two multi-sports venues a large sports complex, including a Scout Hall, a two-storey administrative centre and two nationally accredited courts.

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